Sunday, January 17, 2010

Apple iPod Nano 5th Generation (with Camera) Transparent Clear Snap On Crystal Plastic Hard Cover Case

When I received my 5th generation Nano, I was scared to touch it. It was so shiny, and extremely small. A little too small, in fact... so I needed a case to not only preserve it but buff it up just a tad.

Thank you so much for the wonderful clear case and FREE screen protector!!! This is an absolutely unbeatable price for the quality and the service. I got my package within one day of your shipping notification. When I opened the package, there was a black Mivizu pouch, like a jewelry pouch, for carring my iPod (you could use this when you put it into your bag for even more protection) as well as a free, high quality screen protector that is made for the 5th generation (fits perfectly) *high quality because there are no bubbles if you apply it correctly, just remember that there are two sides you have to peel off protecting the middle piece which is your protector*, and the clear, no nonsense case. Not only is it just what I wanted/ made for the 5th Generation Nano, I also noticed that there is a loophole on the back if you wanted to add a wrist strap! The screen protector comes sealed in its own package with a lense wipe for cleaning. (I know everyone was complaining about this so I will address it- the reason the entire case is not over the screen is that you would not have the same visibility. The clear case is thin enough so that the color of the body shines through but too thick to go over the screen. With the screen protector, which was included in my order, you get the protection against scratches plus the hard case for the body.)

I don't think I will ever need to get my iPod out of the case, but I have not tried that yet so cannot comment. My SkullCandy headphone jack fits with ample room.

In total, I got 3 items plus fast shipping for 5 dollars. Unbeatable!

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