Thursday, December 31, 2009

Nokia 5030 Launced

This is purely a communication device with no frivolous settings and uploads. Nokia 5030 is launched for entry level purchasers. The handset is designed attractively and the first looks will never bring out the marked price. Some people take it as a mid-segment mobile through its looks.

Nokia handset is made for long talk time. When you are alone and need someone to talk to for hours and hours, then this handset is the best. It provides up to 10hours talk time with full charging. The point is that most handsets provide a talk time of 3-4 hrs maximum – reason being loads of other functions which eat away the talk time of the Mobile headset phone. Users who need large talk time; can buy this handset with ease. If you are not so particular about the handset’s appearances and base your decision on the handset’s talk time, then get this handset without second thought.

This candy-bar style red colored handset has option of saving 1000contacts at a time. Most people want to store lots of entries – useful and non-useful to feel comfortable to call them at any time. Entry-list can never be full as most people do not have so many contacts at any point of time.

Nokia 5030 is a light-weight mobile phone with 82g weight and dimensions of 108x45x15mm. Display screen has following configurations: display size of 128x160pixels and 65K colors, TFT.

Call record facility is also provided with this handset. Users are at ease with this facility because they can search through the calls, if they miss out on some.

Nokia 5030 is functional at dual band only. The handset is operates at GSM 900/1800MHz. Currently most mobiles are operating at quad-band frequencies, but it doesn't matter much, provided they don't have to go abroad.

Amongst the facilities, FM radio is present in the cellphone. Speaker facility enables handsfree listening. FM radio has become the essential part of all mobile phone due to its entertaining facility at anywhere anytime.

Users can play games which come preloaded on this handset. It's a vibrant handset that sells entirely for its communicative-abilities.

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