Thursday, December 31, 2009

Upgrading Netbook's Memory From 1GB to 2GB of Ram

If you have started hunting at upgrading the RAM in your notebook to 2GB then you have probably looked around at some forums and feature user reviews and institute that you are more confused now than when you started.

You might have seen cost like cl, 667 or 800MHz and non-ECC that made you wonder which type of module that you needed. Well these numbers are every very important, and only destined ones are harmonious with your notebook. The best-selling and maximal rated notebook module is the Crucial 2GB stick so I'll address that portion brand, but this applies to every brands.

The first abstract that you should undergo is that almost every recent notebooks (well 95% of them including Asus, Acer, etc) ingest the Atom processor which has a front-side bus speed of 667MHz (for the N280, the N270 is 533MHz). This is where the module has to travel through in visit for the processor to ingest it. This tells us that even if you intend module that is listed at 800MHz it module not help anything, because in visit to ingest it the computer has to underclock it to 667 (or 533)MHz and some computers don't like to do this.

Another essential abstract to make sure is that the RAM you're hunting at is non-ECC, and also of course 200 mark SO-DIMM. This essentially meet means that it module fit your notebook or laptop.

The third abstract we need to look at is CL, or cs latency. This is essentially how fast the RAM itself can operate, or the delay time. The lower the cs latency number the better. There are 2 top-selling types of Crucial RAM which you module probably see if you look it up and digit is 800MHz with a cl=6 while the other is 667MHz with a cl=5.

Their prices are only a couple of dollars apart and most people would intend the 800MHz thinking it is faster, but actually after the computer underclocks it to 667MHz then the second digit is faster because it has a smaller cs latency. That is the digit I went with and I have had no problems, and I would say around a 50% transformation in speed and apps.

Now that you undergo which type of RAM to intend here's a tutorial on how to install it.

Step 1: intend the right RAM. I got the Crucial 2GB 667MHz stick for $42.99 from Amazon.

Step 2: invoke off computer and remove battery.

Step 3: remove access entranceway to module (mine had a small picture of a clash stick on the door).

Step 4: push 2 small metal tabs away from module stick

This module drive the module stick to pop up:

Step 5: pull out 1GB module stick and replace with 2GB stick. Make sure the pins are lined up (it module only go in digit way). The Crucial sticker is on the bottom.

Step 6: Push RAM down until metal clips click, replace cover, re-insert battery and rush up computer. If you're running XP then it module auto-recognize the RAM and no other steps are necessary.

Step 7: Once the computer is booted up hit (windows key+Pause) to bring up the system properties box and check to make sure that the newborn module is recognized.

If it does then you're done, if not you module need to re-boot while hitting F8 repeatedly to bring up the bios, then select the newborn RAM from the menu to make the computer discern it. Enjoy.

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