Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Okidata C6100DTN Printer - Specifications and Uses


This digital Okidata C6100DTN machine has some of the aforementioned features of the C6100N printer, but crapper handle heavier tasks existence both Post-Script and PCL compatible. It has a memory of 256 megabytes, with a maximum of 768 megabytes. Apple Mac and Microsoft Windows PC are supported with this product and it sports 10/100 Base T Ethernet with USB. The reddened emitting diode resolutions are the aforementioned for black and colouration vertically and horizontally, existence 600 dots per progress and 1,200 dots per progress respectively. The C6100DTN machine is exceptionally fast at 32 pages per minute with a lag of only 10 seconds for the first page to print. It's bond-sheet essay power is 400 and 530 pages with a max of 900 pages per tray. It copes substantially with the publication of transparencies, labels, envelopes, cards and lengthy banners. Printer weight is 57.3 pounds and dimensions are 17.1 by 13. 4 by 22.1 inches. It comes with a digit year warranty (for the printer) and a five year warranty on the reddened emitting diode (LED) publication heads. Complete with Energy Star rating, this product is also recognized as the OKI C6100DTN, OKI 62426605 or the OKI 6100DTN. The UPC number is 051851159348 and the manufacturing conception number is 62426605. It uses the Belkin Pro USB 6' cable 4-pin USB identify A(M) - 4-pin identify B(M) and Belkin 10' USB cable A/B identify hi-speed USB 2.0. It uses Okidata C6100N toner.

Description of Product:

The Okidata C6100DTN machine is sure to be a success in any corporation. Fast, reliable and compact as its twin the Okidata C6100N printer, but a greater workhorse. It takes up rattling little room and although civilised and intelligent technology, it is able to roll with the punches. Falling in line with the other Okidata C6100 series, it does not disappoint with its tremendous speed capacity. It produces 32 pages per minute for black and white publication and 26 pages per minute with color. Supportive of both PCL and Post-Script, this machine has every it needs to set it apart.

Okidata have produced their own line of products to hold their printers and the Okidata C6100DTN machine performs at its best using this wide difference of paper. Available on the market they hold the varied tasks this Okidata machine is capable of. Take a countenance at the Okidata essay - water-resistant Synflex essay sheets, HP laser sheets, HP laser-jet touch papers, HP colouration matte and colouration shiny photographic paper, colouration laser jet transparency essay sheets, sheets of card and banners. Envelope publication is handled with ease. Okidata has produced digit different qualities of envelopes which become in sizes C5, C7, C9.

The colouration publication produced is exquisite due to the high definition dpi (as mentioned in the specifications) and the light-emitting diode machine heads. Black toner crapper be toned down for finer or heavier prints on a button. The pictures the C6100DTN produces photographically are best adapted to the Okidata photographic shiny or matte paper, but it is essential to notice that most quality photographic essay will do.

300 essay sheet in-trays and 530 sheet in-trays fit neatly into the Okidata C6100DNT printer. There is an added 530 sheet in-tray on top of the machine which is compatible with the OkiLan 10/100 Base T print server networking. This machine crapper cope with 100 pounds in weight of card.

The machine has a special branch for coping with heavy-duty paper, specifically to prevent unnecessary jamming of documentation. The C6100DNT is environmentally compatible for it handles threefold sided publication with ease and crapper also utilize erst printed (scrap) essay if still flat.

Is the Okidata C6100DTN machine perfect for the rattling laboring corporate business? Absolutely. It is capable of every described here and substantially worth paying in excess of $1000.00 as it is extremely useful in an office with multiple workers publication from the aforementioned machine. It has the internal OkiLAN to incorporate this kind of networking, not to mention its long memory bank.

Okidata also produces toners for this machine, sparing as they only need to be replaced after approximately 15,000-20,000 page usage. So, although the price may seem larger at the initial outlay, it would be substantially to keep in mind the low running costs, adaptability and usefulness of this machine. No laboring corporation would be rank without the Okidata C6100DTN printer.

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